"I have to tell my LEAP story which cannot be told without talking about Christi Buck. I learned about Christi from a good friend who was changing how she ate to help her with Fibermyalgia pain. After noticing her success I decided to confer with Christi about my issues with inflammation. I have psoriatic arthritis, which of course is caused by psoriasis. I was tested for food and chemical sensitivities and then met with Christi to talk about the results as well as an ongoing plan that was personalized just for me. I began to follow the eating plan on March 31 of 2017. I did not find the changes to my eating to be terribly difficult. Also, I was willing to do anything that might help the disfiguring psoriasis that I had primarily on my ankles and lower legs. I started to feel better within the first week. The diet that I was on was so healthy and although food and spices were limited- portions were not. Christi had stressed the fact that this was not a diet to lose weight so that was not a concern. However as I continued my eating plan I actually was losing weight because I wasn't eating any junk food or food with preservatives and other meaningless foods. I saw some improvement in my psoriasis but that disease flares and doesn't flare at times so I was cautiously optimistic. I began to see continuous improvement. However as I am writing this today (August 8,2017) I joyously have to say that my legs are more clear than they have been in the last 20 years. I very infrequently have any psoriasis that is visible. I can wear Capri pants again and I've kept the 14 pounds I lost off. I know that was an unintended occurrence but I have to admit it's great being thinner than I have been since high school. I am full of energy and feel terrific every day. There is no other explanation for my skin clearing up and for how good I feel except for the new way that I have of eating. I met Christi in Vero Beach Florida but continued the program with her via phone from my home in Minnesota. She is a great problem solver and very passionate about the work she does. The LEAP plan changed my life. I have no desire to eat any other way because I feel and look so good. Thank you Christi. My meeting you and learning from you has been a life changing experience!"