"Christi, really changed my life by introducing me to the MRT blood testing. Thru this I found the foods that I was reactive to. And that were causing inflammation in my body. Christi was then able to guide me thru several weeks of "Making the right choices" of my nonreactive foods. And then slowly adding back, one at a time, foods that were not tested or that I was moderately reactive to. I enjoyed the process, and learned to be very creative with the foods I was allowed. Christi's knowledge of nutrition and supplements was very helpful. I have more energy now and sleep great with no sleep aids. The big one NO acid reflux! My joints are not as stiff and painful as they had been. In general I feel so much better!! And have more stamina !! My skin is better and no dark circles any more. I Would recommend Christi Buck to other’s with IBS, any autoimmune disease, or eczema. It is amazing to see the affect our food has on our bodies."