Ocala, FL
"I have suffered with IBS for over 20 years. I've gone to doctors, tried medications and stress relieving techniques. Nothing made a difference. After almost a year of constant pain, I decided to reach out to a nutritionist as a last resort. I was never able to associate what I ate with any of my stomach issues, so needless to say, I didn't have high hopes for this working. I spoke with Christi and she had me take the MRT blood test and from there she created a plan for me of what I could and could not eat. It was a rough journey, but after the first month, I started actually feeling better. Christi was very helpful every step of the way. Her quick response time and determination to get to the bottom of every symptom was awesome. Christi is motivating and will always tell you to trust the process. I can now say that I am no longer skeptical at all and trusting the process was the greatest decision I could have made for getting my IBS under control. I am no longer in pain, or afraid to leave the house because of my stomach problems. I am so grateful to Christi for all the guidance she gave me. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing IBS or other chronic stomach issues. Christi, thank you for all your help! I feel normal again!"