What is The ChiroThin Program & How does it Work?

The ChiroThin weight loss program combines a low calorie diet in combination with dietary modification, natural nutritional support formulas, and weekly doctor supervision.  This helps you lose weight quickly and safely, without starvation (pulling from fat stores, instead of muscles) and supports long term weight loss. No exercise, drugs, prepackaged foods , shakes or bars.  

What Distinguishes The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program From Other Programs?

The products included in this program are the finest money can buy, and can only be purchased from an authorized ChiroThin Weight Loss Program practitioner. Weekly visits to check your progress, with personalized recommendations, fosters improved compliance for better results- more safely. You have the freedom to select real food you buy at the supermarket, prepared within our portion-controlled guidelines. When followed as directed, Chiro Thin Weight Loss Program patients achieve better results in a fraction of the time-and at a fraction of the cost– of other nationally advertised weight loss programs. The average weight loss over 42 days is 20-25# for Women and 30-35# for men, based on compliance.  Schedule your weight loss consultation today!

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Christi Buck, RDN, LD, CLT
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