Natural Digestion Solutions

Customized Nutritional Programs 

No more fear of eating

No more guessing games

No more dangerous drugs

Ever feel like your
gut is out to get you?

When life’s big four — diet, stress, environment, and toxins — are off, our guts can go haywire, affecting our health and plummeting our quality of life. We know that. What is far harder to know, however, is what to do about it with so much conflicting information out there. If you’ve felt stuck on a merry-go-round of docs, pills, and diets that don’t work, you’re far from alone.

Let’s get you off the crazy train, find real answers, and build a personalized plan for your body that empowers you to reclaim your health, long-term.

You deserve to know how to help yourself heal.

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Poor gut health
shouldn’t ruin your life

Here’s how we’ll start:

Book a free discovery call.

This 30-minute call gives us a chance to determine if we’re a good fit. I’ll learn about your health history and goals, then tell you about the way I work. I’ll always be upfront about whether or not I’m the best to help.

I help those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Get an in-depth assessment.

In a 60-90 minute consultation, I’ll review your complete history and listen carefully. Then, I’ll design a custom program, often including comprehensive testing, that works best for your needs and goals.

Your body deserves betterthan a one-size-fits-all approach.



Restore quality of life, long-term.

Most clients see a dramatic reduction in symptoms within the first two weeks! A full program lasts from 3-12 months and includes continual support, guidance, and resources along the way so you’ll be set up to rebuild and restore your gut to enjoy lasting results.

Your future self will do a happy dance.


After many months (years!) of digestive issues that were not corrected by other holistic means, I was delighted to land upon Christi Buck, the Gut Guru in Vero Beach.  She was very knowledgeable, optimistic and professional about what she…


I am so grateful to have met Christi, and to have had this life changing experience. I thought for sure I was going to live forever the way that I was before. Now I have a new lease on life. I don’t have to take medicine anymore . . .


It took a total of about four months to get me back to normal. I can now eat any food I want without any IBS symptoms. I am so thankful for Christi’s knowledge and support to heal me . . . I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!


Hi, I’m Christi and
I’ve been in your shoes.

I had chronic GI issues and didn’t find answers from traditional medicine.

I’m a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Leap Therapist, and a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner specializing in digestive health. At Vitality Wellness & Nutrition Center, we use a powerful combination of cutting-edge tests, education, support, accountability, and guidance to help people heal from chronic digestive issues and restore their quality of life. 

My holistic approach includes herbs, supplements, and homeopathies that help reduce symptoms quickly by actually getting to the root cause of the problem. Even though my clients experience improvements soon after we begin (often in the first 2-3 weeks!), I support them throughout the entire journey of healing so they experience lasting, long-term results.

If you want to get to know me a little before you reach out, I completely understand! Join my free Facebook community where I share valuable resources, education, and recipes that support digestive health. I can’t wait to see you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Since no two people are the same, no two plans are the same. We’ll discuss the cost for your individual plan after your initial assessment. Most find the cost of treatment a small price for incredible, lifelong return on investment!

Do you accept insurance?

Most insurances don’t cover functional treatments, however HSA is accepted in most cases. We also offer convenient payment plans.

How far of a radius do you serve?

Because I am uniquely specialized and not a typical dietician or nutritionist, clients often drive from 2+ hours away to see me. No one else in our area specializes in functional nutrition for chronic GI issues.

Have more questions? Let’s talk about them.

There is nothing not to like about this program. Christi is approachable, present, and so knowledgeable it’s a no brainer. She provides you with easy to follow directions and the healing is instant. I’ve learned more from her than any other resource I’ve ever studied. The supplements are tailored too[;] no more guessing which one to take. My life is transformed forever.


You have changed my life! Thank you. After suffering several back to back episodes of diverticulitis, I was at my wits end when a friend gave me your name. I have been happily healthy since we began working together and have found the regimen easy to follow. . . Your friendly manner and one on one approach are very effective. I am a very happy customer and highly recommend your services.


I’ve gone to doctors, tried medications and stress relieving techniques. Nothing made a difference. Christi was very helpful every step of the way. I am no longer in pain, or afraid to leave the house because of my stomach problems. I am so grateful to Christi for all the guidance she gave me . . . Christi, thank you for all your help! I feel normal again!


Say goodbye to feeling stuck

Feel good again

After searching Dr. Google, trying lots of remedies, and being let down over and over again, you may have resigned yourself to poor gut health and all the associated symptoms. If you hear me say anything, hear this: Do not give up. Better is possible.
Together, we can get to the root of your digestive troubles and implement a doable plan for healing. You’ll have all the education, tools, support and accountability needed for success.

Make this your last shot at a fix.