I help health-minded, self empowered women finally end their life long digestive issues by finding the missing pieces to their health puzzle so they can feel vibrant again. 

Because I have been in your shoes, my own personal health journey has inspired me to help other women become more comfortable and confident without running to the bathroom or feeling bloated in their clothes. I have achieved this for myself and hundreds of clients.  When I work with clients there are three main things I focus on:

  • Identifying digestive triggers so you can feel more comfortable and confident in your body.
  • Teach you natural ways to keep digestive issues away.
  • Tools to sustain long-term results so you can always feel vibrant.

After we have completed a 30- Minute Free Discovery Call we then schedule a Comprehensive Nutrition/Root Cause Analysis.  We spend 60-90 minutes going over your health history, your goals, and concerns.  We will then develop a personalized program designed with your needs and goals in mind.  This could include functional labs, nutrients, diet, lifestyle etc. Program options will be discussed and I will help you determine which one is best for you during your Report of Findings.

What does Functional Nutrition mean?  It is an approach of looking at the whole person, looking for the root cause, and thinking outside the box.  We are all unique individuals with different symptoms, concerns, and goals.  What one person needs is different from another.

Jump Start

Looking for a launching pad to start working towards your ideal health, but maybe you're unsure where to start?

Or maybe you have been working on it already and still feel like there are missing pieces to the puzzle?

Then this just might be the program for you.

I'll assess your current health status using a series of in-depth questionnaires and customized lab testing (as needed) to get clear on your biggest health concerns, identify what might be causing them and where your biggest healing opportunities are to restore balance to your body.

We'll then work together over the course of 6 sessions and approximately 3 months as I guide you on how to implement new health strategies that best support the results you are looking for, based on where you are in your health journey.

I'll provide customized recommendations for diet, rest, stress reduction, proper supplementation, and toxin removal to support your body in the way it needs it most so you can reach your ideal health and weight and get back to feeling like yourself again.


Have you been struggling and frustrated for a while with your health?

You've likely spoken to your doctor, have tried multiple different protocols, seen various doctors, chiropractors, specialists but you still feel stuck.

Or maybe you just want to bio hack your health to peak performance in your career and in your every day life so you can live life to the fullest.

Then this program is likely the solution you were looking for.

Using functional lab testing and comprehensive questionnaires, we'll take a deep dive look at your food sensitivities, immune, digestion, and detoxifications systems of the body to see where sneaky underlying imbalances are preventing you from looking and feeling your best.

This program includes 12 sessions and allows us to work together for about six months, so you get all the accountability and support needed to effectively implement the lifestyle change and recommendations.

Total Transformation

Are you at your wits end?

Feel like you're stuck on a cycle of trial and error, trying anything and everything to feel and look better?

You've possibly been living with poor health for a while, and it is time to get real answers in real results.

Or maybe you were just that go-getter, self improvement junkie that wants to be the best version of you!

And this program is right up your alley.

In this program we will do a full blown investigation of your health using functional lab testing and questionnaires; diving even deeper into your dietary needs, along with looking at possible underlying imbalances in your food sensitivities, immune, gut, and detoxification system.

Along with my lifestyle change recommendations you will also get a customized food list specifically designed to support your body where it needs it most and a transformational coaching experience to create a new approach to life and your health.

We will work together 18 coaching sessions spaced out over the course of about nine months to help you fully transform into the healthiest, happiest, and most authentic version of you!

Program Details

Features Jump Start Intensive Total Transformation
Hormone Panel Test
Toxin Screening Test
Gut Health & Pathogen Test
Food Sensitivity Test
Screening Questionnaires & Personalized Analysis
45-Minute Continuing Coaching Sessions 6 12 18
VIP Support / Accountability
Complimentary Reassessment Sessions 1 1
First Round of Supplements
Optional / Additional a-la-Carte Lab Tests
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