I came to Christi after dealing with gut issues my whole life. The most recent issue had presented itself through severe, painful acne. I had been on antibiotics for over two years and was not pleased with the options I had been presented to address the problem further. When I came to Christi, we ran a few tests to get to the bottom of the issues. Christi walked me through each test so that I could understand how the imbalances within me were presenting themselves in my daily life. She also informed me of the toxins in my makeup, kitchen, laundry detergents, etc. that I hadn’t considered before and gave me resources to find better options. Most importantly, Christi helped me learn what to look for when eating clean. There are so many ingredients in foods that I didn’t realize were harmful to me. It was a crash course in how to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and I am forever grateful.


I was having acid reflux issues and taking omeprazole. It wasn’t helping and I decided to seek out another avenue. I found Christi on the web and so thankful that I did! She is a miracle worker! She set up a nutritional program for me that has not only helped with my acid reflux, but I’ve managed to lose 20 pounds. I feel a thousand times better thanks to Christi! She has also taught me about nutrition, what to eat and how to read labels correctly. A program that she developed for me, that I will use for the rest of my life. There are no words to thank Christi for everything she has done for me. She wants a successful outcome for everyone! Thank you so much Christi!!!”


I was having digestive issues that traditional doctors could not solve. Christi was able to figure out my dietary issues and come up with a simple and effective plan. Christi is dedicated to her patients and will go to great lengths to solve your digestive issues or helping people improve their lifestyle.


She is with you every step of the way during your journey! Through her program i have gained life long tools for health and wellness. Knowledge is power and Christi is a great and patient teacher. Hold yourself accountable because even though she will create meal plans and give direct guidance, the work is still on you to follow through! LEAP really works! Lost aprox 18 pounds in 3 months. Gained energy. Strongly recommend.


It is a pleasure working with Christi. She has an extraordinary ability to analyze patients’ conditions and outline necessary courses of action. Her guidance and knowledge has been so helpful in making me reach my goal of feeling better & healthy.


i enjoy working with Christi. she is very knowledgeable and helpful. I think the best thing I can say about her is that she has a very individualized approach with her clients. i am currently doing the chirothin plan with her and it’s not easy, but she has been very suppprtive….and i do need to add that after one of our weekly visits I always leave feeling better than I did before.


Christi has given me my life back with her careful, evidence based systematic approach that is tailored to my body! I have Chrohns disease and was at the end of my rope when I came to her. She was thorough, engaged, and is a master of her craft. LEAP testing was essential for my success and she was a master interpreter. Christi gave me the playbook to my own body and helped me every step of the way. By following her plan, this is the longest I’ve been able to stay out of the hospital. I am healthy and achieving what was impossible….Remission. I owe 100 percent of it to Christi. Big HUGE endorsement from me 10 stars! You want to feel better….THIS is how you do it.


Christi Buck is a detail conscious, knowledgeable and caring professional. Her holistic, organized approach to Gut health has given me very good results and a renewed sense of hope for a healthy future. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking Gut healing.
I never believed that a health care practitioner would actually address my gut issues at all, never mind with dedication, positivity and insight.


Christi helped me get my gut problems in check. I found my inflammation and eczema was gone and my stomach was back in control. She also started me on a wonderful weight-loss program. I lost 25 pounds and feel great! Highly recommend!


Back in February 2020 I went from a very healthy and energetic woman to someone who could barely get out of bed with swelling in both ankles, feet, wrists and hands with excruciating pain. After seeing nine specialists and an unimaginable amount of tests, they had no answers. In the meantime, I was getting progressively worse. I was recommended to see a nutritionist. After only one visit with Christi I began to see a change in my health. She has literally changed my life! Christi is not only knowledgeable but takes the time and listens to all of your concerns and has so much to offer. I can’t imagine where I would be today without her help. She is amazing and truly cares about the health of her clients.


Christi is such a pleasure to work with. Her passion for people’s wellness is amazing. I suffered with chronic pain in my gut for years. I felt like I was being passed from one doctor to another, trying new medicine after new medicine. Finally, I decided enough was enough and found Christi. She gave me the tools and education I needed to change my life. She is very knowledgeable, very kind, super supportive, and always helpful. By changing my diet I was able to change the course of my life. Now I feel amazing and I am no longer living in pain. 10/10 would recommend.


Christi has been great at accommodating my busy schedule. I have numerous health issues that we are working through and she has been great at explaining the process and also at getting back to me quickly with any questions or concerns that I have that pop up along the way. This is my second time working with Christie. The first time I did the leap program I was feeling awful and it helped transform my health and I ended up getting pregnant after 8 years of trying. After my pregnancy my body had changed dramatically so I am now working with Christie again to become healthier. She is very friendly, open and honest and is sincere with wanting you to heal, be healthy and feel your best. She is realistic at helping you make small changes at first that will eventually lead to a healthier, happier you.


Christi is really good and helped me more than any doctor. Takes the time to understand the problem and then implement solutions to fix the the problem and the cause of it. Thanks !!!!!


I struggled for years with stomach issues that were severe, resulting in countless doctors appointments and ER visits that left me frustrated with no real answers. When I went to Christi, I was truly at the end of dealing with my stomach issues, but I am so glad I went. Within the first couple of months my issues have been resolved. Christi truly works with you to help understand what is happening and how you can solve the problem. I highly recommend her!


My husband and I are in a life journey together and now we are in a health journey together. After 30 years together, we’ve been through a lot. For much of that time, it felt like we were at war with food. We ate what we thought was ‘healthy’ and inevitably felt awful afterward. Headaches, joint pain, stomach discomfort – were all in a normal day – for each of us. We didn’t know what to do. Doctors? … not so much … the only diagnosis was that we were overweight. So we tried dieting with varying degrees of success, but still the symptoms persisted. Along the way I heard about ‘gut health’ and something about it rang true for me. I told my husband about it and we decided to see what we could find out. He found Christi Buck. After some initial testing, a plan was put into place; we persevered, succeeded and learned. We did not get a temporary fix, we got a change in life. We learned about our gut and about food and what should be avoided and what should be consumed. It was a world we had never delved into before but, undeniably, we started to feel good. No more knee pain going up the stairs, no more stomach problems – all replaced with eating good, whole, healthy foods and as an added bonus we each lost about 30 pounds without even trying. The protocol Christi put into place was systemic changes and the use of ‘real food’ supplements to aid in the gut repair. Bad bacteria out, good bacteria in! Then we started a weight loss program with her that helped each of us lose an additional 20 pounds. It’s hard for us to recall how badly we felt in the past. Christi offered knowledge, coaching, support, answers and a recipe or two! We are both converts to a healthy lifestyle and that is all credited to Christi Buck. Our future is looking bright and healthy.

Elizabeth- Vero Beach, FL.


After many months (years!) of digestive issues that were not corrected by other holistic means, I was delighted to land upon Christi Buck, the Gut Guru in Vero Beach. She was very knowledgeable, optimistic and professional about what she could do, did do, and continues to do for me as I navigate this complicated journey.

It’s not easy, it’s not quick. But I have confidence in the long run that it is the best solution to my very multi-problematic situation. And she has the patience, experience, and devotion to the long term battle to see me prevail and ultimately conquer the problem.

It’s been a very informative process–she carefully explains, describes, and shares her insight and knowledge so that you gain in nutritional advice and motivation to stick with the program. The lab tests were informative, the protocol practical and doable, and slowly but steadily the results are coming in.

If you are at your wit’s end, if other methods have not worked for you, I highly encourage you to give it a try. After all, what is more important than your health? It affects your well being, your longevity, your quality of life. Invest in yourself…what is worth more, what is more important?


I lived with chronic pain in my gut for years. It hurt to carry my children in my arms or hold them on my lap. I struggled with bloating, pain, and constant discomfort, and diarrhea was a daily occurrence several times per day. I had to eat Imodium like candy regularly. My doctors told me that was fine. I was prescribed steroids one right after another for years in an attempt to control the pain, and would be on them for weeks or months at a time. At 33 I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis which to me was devastating because it confirmed what I already feared: that I would be living like this for the rest of my life.

I had been asking my doctors for years, “Should I see a nutritionist?” To which they would always respond, “No that’s not necessary.” After trying it their way for almost 7 years, I decided to try my own way. I had no idea where to start, so I’m pretty sure I just googled: nutritionist near me.

Christi popped up and came with good reviews. I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed, so I called her. After meeting with her I knew this was the person to help me on this journey. She ran tests that my doctors had never run before which gave me new insight to the way my body was working. She and I made a plan, and she gave me all the resources I needed to help me get started.

My biggest challenge was definitely getting out of my own way. Christi was so supportive and never made me feel bad for having pizza this week, or not giving up my daily coffee. She is very knowledgeable and always had a recommendation for a recipe to try, or knew of a place where I could find food that went with my plan. To be honest I didn’t fully commit right away. I could see some minor improvements here and there with my superficial diet changes. I would do good, but then it was so easy to just have what everyone else was having, ya know? This went on for several months. It took me truly getting fed up with always having to run to the bathroom, and just generally feeling like garbage most of the time for me to say to myself, “Ok, let’s really give it a try.”

After that I started paying attention to what I ate and how I felt after. The first thing was dairy. I had been dabbling with almond milk here and there, and I really only used cream for my coffee, so I started there. I noticed that my stomach wasn’t so gurgly. I also cut out gluten for a week. Then I had pizza. The next day in the morning I could see a difference. My face looked puffy, and so did my belly. I realized I was inflamed. My belly felt junky too. Bloated and uncomfortable. That lasted for about 2 days. I realized then what this was all about. After that I started paying attention. I learned the signals my body was giving me after I ate foods that caused inflammation in my gut. Then I tailored my diet around that.

Now I feel incredible. I have lost weight and inches. I feel more energetic. I don’t feel fatigued like I used to. I don’t feel bloated or uncomfortable. NO MORE PAIN IN MY ABDOMEN! And I am HAPPY! They say your gut health and your mental health are linked. I don’t know enough of the research on it to say any more, but I will speak on living in chronic pain everyday, constantly feeling bogged down and puffy, and suffering with chronic diarrhea having a negative effect on your mental wellbeing.

I am so grateful to have met Christi, and to have had this life changing experience. I thought for sure I was going to live forever the way that I was before. Now I have a new lease on life. I don’t have to take medicine anymore. When I see photos of me from the last several years, I am so glad to realize: I am not sick anymore. To anyone struggling with chronic health issues I say to you, take charge of your health; and if your gut is telling you to try something else, do it.


I contacted Christi when I was at my wits end with my IBS symptoms that I had been dealing with for 20 years. We had my blood and stool samples taken to find out what was making my gut so out of balance. After figuring that out, she put me on a regimen of natural supplements and an elimination diet to eat the foods that would promote healing in my gut microbiome. There were a few times that I wasn’t so sure I could stick with it, but she was very supportive and encouraging on this journey. I felt better and had more energy after the second week! It took a total of about four months to get me back to normal. I can now eat any food I want without any IBS symptoms. I am so thankful for Christi’s knowledge and support to heal me! After healing and being able to eat again, I actually put on some excess pounds that I wanted to get rid of. So I contacted her again and she recommended I try the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program. Again, with her support, I was able to shed the weight I wanted to. This program is great because you eat normal, healthy foods and as I said previously , she is there to support and guide you along the way! I highly recommend Christi for any of your health issues! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!


I have struggled with “gut issues” virtually all of my life. IBS and colitis had become a controlling factor of my day-to-day life. Like Christi stated in her bio, I knew where practically every bathroom in Florida was. Doctors would just throw pills at it. Christi is the one person who worked with me and guided me through discovering what works for my diet and what doesn’t. With Christi’s continued help, I have lost 20+ pounds and on my way to another 20. I have my life back. Don’t struggle another day – call her now!


I recently got a new diagnosis of Chrohns disease and needed help. There was so much conflicting information on how to eat from all different sources and none of it was the same. I know that diet surely had a large role to play but filtering through the info was daunting and my GI doctor admitted he didn’t know how to tell me how to eat.

I found Christi through my dietician at work who wasn’t sure how to give me what I was asking for. I wasn’t sure at first what to expect and was she like everyone else, but Christi sent me a video of what she can provide and I knew I needed to see her ASAP. I was familiar with some basics of Chrohns diet like reducing fiber but that’s all I knew and even then what does that mean!? I joined an app for IBD sufferers and it seemed everyone could tolerate something different and all totally conflicting from each other. Everyone has so much advice but what do I need??

I met with Christi the very next week and got started. Christi gave me the actual playbook to my body and what it wanted through LEAP testing. Immediately my fears and doubt went away when she provided me with my results and got a playbook for my actual body. Christi was accessible, directive, supportive, and so knowledgeable about how to step by step plan my healing process I had no doubt she could help me. No more ambiguity and false advice. She helped me plan meals, where to find products, how to read labels, and cross referenced questions I had. I felt better just meeting with her imagine how much better my body could feel when it actually healed. I had no idea all my joint pains were connected to my improper diet I can say those have all about gone away. Instantly too. I’m sleeping better, headaches and brain fog have disappeared, and I don’t have gut pain or bloating anymore. My gut is healing and as my body normalizes I am grateful every day for the tailored plan I have. Anxiety of not knowing is a barrier for IBD sufferers and Christi took all that away from me. I enjoy eating the foods that are planned out for me because they are what my body is telling me it wants. No more elimination diets! The guesswork is gone one could spend a lifetime eliminating and re doing a diet for myself.

There is nothing not to like about this program. You meet with someone who is so knowledgeable about your condition and has a plan how you are going to fix it. You get a playbook that’s customized to your body and help with recipes and where to shop for the products. It’s systematic and directive and Christi is approachable, present, and so knowledgeable it’s a no brainer. She provides you with easy to follow directions and the healing is instant. I thought I knew a lot about diet and nutrition but Christi far surpassed my knowledge and I’ve learned more from her than any other resource I’ve ever studied. The supplements are tailored too no more guessing which one to take. My life is transformed forever and I feel so good about my choice to use Christi. She has changed my life and my health for the better. Forever grateful and indebted I found her. Do NOT wait your future self will thank you!


“I have suffered with IBS for over 20 years. I’ve gone to doctors, tried medications and stress relieving techniques. Nothing made a difference. After almost a year of constant pain, I decided to reach out to a nutritionist as a last resort. I was never able to associate what I ate with any of my stomach issues, so needless to say, I didn’t have high hopes for this working. I spoke with Christi and she had me take the MRT blood test and from there she created a plan for me of what I could and could not eat. It was a rough journey, but after the first month, I started actually feeling better. Christi was very helpful every step of the way. Her quick response time and determination to get to the bottom of every symptom was awesome. Christi is motivating and will always tell you to trust the process. I can now say that I am no longer skeptical at all and trusting the process was the greatest decision I could have made for getting my IBS under control. I am no longer in pain, or afraid to leave the house because of my stomach problems. I am so grateful to Christi for all the guidance she gave me. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing IBS or other chronic stomach issues. Christi, thank you for all your help! I feel normal again!”

Ocala, FL

“You have changed my life! Thank you. After suffering several back to back episodes of diverticulitis, I was at my wits end when a friend gave me your name. I have been happily healthy since we began working together and have found the regimen easy to follow. I might add I have had no attacks of diverticulitis since working with you in your program. Your friendly manner and one on one approach are very effective. I am a very happy customer and highly recommend your services to others with similar problems.”

Vero Beach, FL

I started this diet to help to lose weight and secondarily to control the arthritis pain between my thumb and second finger. What I have realized that this is NOT a diet but a new way of eating. A month after “my graduation” I have maintained my weight! This has never happened at the end of a diet. I am thrilled. I have learned to eat healthy and to embraces my new thinner life filled with daily exercise (never happened before). Thank you Christi for all your teachings and with helping several friends and family members find nutritionists throughout the country.

Vero Beach, Fl

“I had been fighting with weight gain for several years and in spite of all my activities (calorie-burning) I couldn’t seem to get the weight off and it was slowly increasing. Working with Christi I lost 15 pounds. I learned that several albeit healthy foods were not healthy for me. After limiting the types of foods I was consuming and learning to be very creative with recipes, the weight just melted off — not just around my waist but in my legs, arms, face, and neck. I have a lot more energy and my digestive system is a lot happier. I would highly recommend the process that Christi uses to identify foods that work against you and learn to nourish your body in a better manner.”

Melbourne Beach

“I started out on this journey highly motivated because I had so many symptoms and issues with foods. I had already been gluten-free for 4 years and a few months before, stopped eating lettuce which gave me much discomfort. The testing was a surprise, and my heart sank when I saw all the foods I ate daily on the “yellow” list. We selected the foods I would eat for the first couple weeks and I soon learned that it wasn’t carrots that I liked but the bleu cheese I always dipped them in. I also changed my mind about liking beets very quickly.

The first two weeks were the hardest and the hardest part was getting my mind into the game. I focused on all that I couldn’t eat at first and went through a brief depression. But, on the other hand, that also helped because I had really fast results with weight dropping and symptoms disappearing. As Christi added a few new foods, I began exploring new ways to prepare them. I began reading labels and searching out foods I could eat. Then I discovered “work-arounds”—new ways to fix favorites that would be healthier. For example, a new fave of ours is dairy-free mashed potatoes which get their creaminess from an egg and a couple tablespoons of oil.

I do miss a few foods that are not replaceable, like pizza and ice cream. But every time I think about them, I remember that my health is significantly better and someday, I may be able to have small, infrequent treats of pizza and ice cream. Eating out is still challenging, but there are a few restaurants where I can eat. As I write this, I am getting ready for trips to Ecuador and London. I am taking packets of sunflower butter and cashew butter which I can spread on a fresh banana or banana chips if I find that I cannot eat the foods there. I might also pack a package of coconut wraps if I have room in my suitcase. The diet is do-able and well worth the effort. I have gone from a size 14 to size 8 and I walked 12,000 to 14,000 steps 5 days a week. IBS and chronic sinuses are gone.”

Melbourne, FL

“First off Christi is amazing, if all healthcare professionals were like her we all would be better off. The amount of time, effort, and follow up she has with you is first class. She honestly cares about you feeling better. She is going to work hard to get you to your goals and you have to do your part and have the dedication to follow her instructions 100%. I have been dealing with stomach related issues my whole life. The last couple of years it got really bad that I could only eat a couple foods. I went to a traditional doctor looking for helping. After spending months and thousands of dollars I was still feeling bad. Then I found Christi and decided to give her a try. Thank goodness I did, because she had me feeling better within a week. I now feel like a human again and can start living my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRISTI I COULD NOT DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!”

Vero Beach, FL

“I did Christi’s food sensitivity testing and diet program because I was having issues with diverticulitis. After I did the blood test for foods that produce inflammation, I followed her instructions avoiding foods that my body was intolerant too and eating a wide variety of foods that my body didn’t react to. After every appointment with her, I started feeling better. My stomach made fewer noises and I had less discomfort and I had more energy. I also lost some weight, not rapidly but moderately. Three months after I started the program, I lost just over 10 pounds and feel so much better. I am keeping with my diet, which is easy to do and is not strict. I can eat almost any kind of meat, which I appreciate as a meat lover. I have some restrictions with vegetables, but I am glad to know what I can and cannot eat so that I feel good almost all the time. Thank you, Christi Buck, for your wonderful help, I keep in mind what you taught me to watch and monitor what I eat.”

Vero Beach, FL

“I met Christi in May of 2017 and she stated me on journey, learning to eat foods that my stomach liked. In Feb. 2018 we did the blood work and discovered my trigger foods. After four months of eating foods I had never heard of and finding that I liked some of them, my system was not fighting with me any more. It is wonderful to eat and have no problems afterwards. I have lost 35.5 in the process and made a new friend along the way. If you are serious about learning about your body and what makes you tick. Let me introduce to you to Christi Buck. She takes her job seriously and she wants to help you.”

Palm Bay, FL

“I was dealing with several different medical problems over the past couple of years. The constant dizziness, brain fog, migraines, nausea, fatigue and GI issues were making it hard just to function and get through each day. I was on several medications, but overall my health was not improving. My primary dr had suggested trying the mrt leap diet and that’s when I met Christi and things began to turn around.
Christi is very knowledgeable and doesn’t sugar coat things. Being an extremely picky eater, she said the leap program would be hard, but well worth it and boy was she right! After just a few weeks on the program, I started to feel better! My cholesterol and blood pressure both returned to normal. I was no longer nauseous all of the time and my GI issues had greatly improved! The brain fog and dizziness had diminished and I was no longer tired all of the time. After a couple of months my migraines disappeared as well as my Gerd. I was able to get off all of my medications and most importantly was feeling good!
Another amazing and unexpected result was that I was able to get pregnant after several years of trying!! So not only did the program help me get me health back, but also start a family.
Christi is always professional and compassionate and always responds quickly to my emails with any questions or concerns that I have. She really cares and keeps checking in to make sure all is going well.”

Vero Beach, FL

“Since starting the LEAP Program my IBS symptoms have improved significantly. Initially I attempted the Low FODMAP diet, but it was too difficult to navigate on my own. This Program helped narrow down the trigger foods and with Christ’s help I have felt better than I have in almost 4 years. It was a bit of trial and error in the beginning, but we eventually found the right foods, which I am still eating and enjoying now. So not only did the Program help with the IBS symptoms, it jumpstarted a different approach to food, I now eat healthier and have much more energy. Thanks, Christi!”

Melbourne, FL

“I went to Christi when my friend recommended her. I had not been able to find guidance for healing my chronic gastritis. She researched what I had and after MRT testing she placed me on the LEAP program. I have been very pleased with my progress and her attentiveness. She always quickly responded to my questions and was very supportive and caring throughout. I am very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. I have recommended her to numerous people.”


“I went through some major changes after my last pregnancy. I thought all of my issues were because my hormones were still off balance. After months of suffering I was introduced to Christi who helped me tremendously. I got the MRT blood testing and found out all the foods my body was reacting to. She was very helpful in all matters and accessible to answer all my questions and concerns. She’s beyond dedicated to what she does and truly cares about her clients and their well being.”

Vero Beach, FL

“After a bout of food poisoning last year, I began having digestive issues (post-infectious IBS) and was desperate to find some way to get relief. I found Christi’s website and immediately contacted her to learn more about her services and the MRT/LEAP diet. After working with her for a few months, I am feeling so much better than I was. Before the diet, I had lost about 12 pounds, and with my new food list I was able to gain back all the weight that I lost. Christi made herself available via phone call, texting, and through emails. She is so supportive and really puts her all into helping you feel better. You can tell that she cares for her clients, and I am so grateful to have met Christi. The program is tough, but she is there for you every step of the way. Thank you Christi for everything!!”

Tittusville, FL

“I highly recommend Christi for problems you are having with autoimmune conditions of the gi track. Through her interventions I was able to discover the foods that were contributing to my ulcerative colitis and regain my health. She understands what it is like to live with this condition and has been a sensitive and caring support for my recovery. She also has been wholly supportive of my goal of reducing my dependence on Humira, and heal my condition through a natural lifestyle approach. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do this without her help.”


“I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be helped by Christi! She is so caring and passionate about helping others who are having health problems. She really goes above and beyond to try to uncover the foods, ingredients, and other items that may be causing many of your health issues. She makes things easy to understand and will be there to help you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to give Christi Buck a call to help you. I recommend her to anyone having issues with their diet and related health problems. Thanks Christi!”


“I have to tell my LEAP story which cannot be told without talking about Christi Buck. I learned about Christi from a good friend who was changing how she ate to help her with Fibermyalgia pain. After noticing her success I decided to confer with Christi about my issues with inflammation. I have psoriatic arthritis, which of course is caused by psoriasis. I was tested for food and chemical sensitivities and then met with Christi to talk about the results as well as an ongoing plan that was personalized just for me. I began to follow the eating plan on March 31 of 2017. I did not find the changes to my eating to be terribly difficult. Also, I was willing to do anything that might help the disfiguring psoriasis that I had primarily on my ankles and lower legs. I started to feel better within the first week. The diet that I was on was so healthy and although food and spices were limited- portions were not. Christi had stressed the fact that this was not a diet to lose weight so that was not a concern. However as I continued my eating plan I actually was losing weight because I wasn’t eating any junk food or food with preservatives and other meaningless foods. I saw some improvement in my psoriasis but that disease flares and doesn’t flare at times so I was cautiously optimistic. I began to see continuous improvement.

However as I am writing this today (August 8,2017) I joyously have to say that my legs are more clear than they have been in the last 20 years. I very infrequently have any psoriasis that is visible. I can wear Capri pants again and I’ve kept the 14 pounds I lost off. I know that was an unintended occurrence but I have to admit it’s great being thinner than I have been since high school. I am full of energy and feel terrific every day. There is no other explanation for my skin clearing up and for how good I feel except for the new way that I have of eating.

I met Christi in Vero Beach Florida but continued the program with her via phone from my home in Minnesota. She is a great problem solver and very passionate about the work she does. The LEAP plan changed my life. I have no desire to eat any other way because I feel and look so good. Thank you Christi. My meeting you and learning from you has been a life changing experience!”


“Three months ago I was referred to The Gut R.D. LLC and Christi Buck, RDN ,LDN CLT, for medical and digestive issues. Christi explained the program and gave me ideas of ending some digestive issues I had for over a year. I also wanted to bring my type two diabetes under better control along with loosing some weight. At that time my blood sugars ran 120+ and my A!C was 7.1 Part of the program was a blood test to determine what foods I might not tolerate well and those I was very sensitive to . After three months I have reduced my digestive issues from a score of 111 to 16. My blood sugars now are between 105 and 120. My A!C is now 5.9 and I have lost 8 eight pounds. I have another three months with the program and hope to accomplish even more positive results. Food plays a big part in peoples medical and digestive problems. This program is teaching me what foods are best for me and how I can take back my health.Thanks to Christi Buck and the Gut Program, I feel much better than I have in years and my Primary Physician is finally pleased with my progress.”


“I came into this experience with a multitude of medical problems without any definitive solutions. My primary physician suggested at some time I might want to look into chemical/ food sensitivities since I also had numerous allergies. It took me a while to decide if that was the path I needed to go to and then as the symptoms weren’t dissipating I gave Christi a call. Although the paperwork in the beginning was daunting I now can see the reason for it. The daily journaling of food intake and symptoms was invaluable. Christi and I were able to see what foods/chemicals were causing some issues. Gradually the symptoms started diminishing.”


“Since being treated by Christi, my digestive problems have much improved. I can eat a meal and not have to worry if I will be running to the bathroom within the next few minutes. Christi listens to what you are dealing with and then gives you ideas to improve your situation. I have been with her for 5 months and lost over 20 pounds which has been great for my A1C.”


“Christi, really changed my life by introducing me to the MRT blood testing. Thru this I found the foods that I was reactive to. And that were causing inflammation in my body. Christi was then able to guide me thru several weeks of “Making the right choices” of my nonreactive foods. And then slowly adding back, one at a time, foods that were not tested or that I was moderately reactive to. I enjoyed the process, and learned to be very creative with the foods I was allowed. Christi’s knowledge of nutrition and supplements was very helpful. I have more energy now and sleep great with no sleep aids. The big one NO acid reflux! My joints are not as stiff and painful as they had been. In general I feel so much better!! And have more stamina !! My skin is better and no dark circles any more. I Would recommend Christi Buck to other’s with IBS, any autoimmune disease, or eczema. It is amazing to see the affect our food has on our bodies.”


“I joined Christi buck and her team about 3 months ago. Which was a godsend for me… I have chronic spasms, joint arthritis and pain all the time. I am also a gastric bypass patient which means my stomach is sensitive to certain foods because of the way my stomach was rerouted and re-plumbed. Through Christi’s guidance and hurricane professionalism, we worked it out and I started feeling relief from my joints and stomach issues within about a month. It was gradually done and professionally executed. As a by-product, without even trying, I lost 40 pounds within about 6 weeks! It’s amazing how different you feel when you lose 40 pounds! This program is cutting-edge with some advanced science that propels this healthy eating movement without really sacrificing your love of food. And you can eat as much as you want. Through this process, I have learned to eat food that actually melts the fat away and lowers the inflammation in my joints and organs.

I can go on and on about the passion that Christi Buck inspires in me on a daily basis as she comments and encourages me as I fill out my food diary. You really have to experience it to believe it. It really is too good to be true. But it works. Thank you very much I am humbly grateful for your service and compassion for my goals. My victory is close and she is right with me all the way. Thanks again Christi Buck I can’t put into words how much I owe you.”


“When Christi told me about the MRT/LEAP protocol , I was intrigued enough to take the LEAP. I’ve struggled with GI issues, abdominal pain and chronic constipation for years, and have not gotten results or relief… until now. She took great care and time to develop a LEAP protocol specifically for me and MY GUT. She makes herself available by phone, text, and internet to answer questions and provide assistance. If your gut is unhappy, I’d highly recommend Christi Buck, your Gut RD.”


“Christi was able to greatly improve my digestion issues that two traditional doctors were not able cure. She was very supportive throughout the whole process and was accessible for questions during the whole time. She works with you to come up with a custom plan for your needs. I would highly recommend Christi for any dietary issues or needs.”


“I strongly recommend Christi Buck as an advocate for your health and nutritional needs. I had a severe case of eczema on my arms and legs and with her nutritional guidance I was able to heal the eczema and loose weight! Initially, blood work was done to see what foods that I was allergic to. We eliminated those foods, journaled my daily food intake, and consulted with Christi weekly. My eczema subsided. To this day, I am more conscious about the foods that I eat and; consequently, my weight has stabilized as an added bonus.”


“I highly recommend Christi for problems you are having with autoimmune conditions of the gi track. Through her interventions I was able to discover the foods that were contributing to my ulcerative colitis and regain my health. She understands what it is like to live with this condition and has been a sensitive and caring support for my recovery. She also has been wholly supportive of my goal of reducing my dependence on Humira, and heal my condition through a natural lifestyle approach. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do this without her help.”


“I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease when I was 14 and have been put on almost every medication since. At 24, a visit to my general doctor informed me that I lost 10 pounds over the course of 3 years, and for someone who is only 5 feet tall, I knew that wasn’t a good sign. I wanted to take myself off my medications and focus on a natural alternative to healing my body. I found Christi online and knew we would be a good fit. With the MRT test and her coaching, it only took 10 days before I had no Crohns symptoms. My diet did a 180 and I find it amazing how much better I feel from only eating foods my body is least sensitive to. I’ve been working with Christi for almost 4 months now, and I have never felt so healthy. I’ve gained weight and still continue to gain back the weight I lost, and it’s all thanks to Christi and the MRT test results. Thank you!”


“Christi, really changed my life by introducing me to the MRT blood testing. Thru this I found the foods that I was reactive to. And that were causing inflammation in my body. Christi was then able to guide me thru several weeks of “Making the right choices” of my nonreactive foods. And then slowly adding back, one at a time, foods that were not tested or that I was moderately reactive to. I enjoyed the process, and learned to be very creative with the foods I was allowed. Christi’s knowledge of nutrition and supplements was very helpful. ​

I have more energy now and sleep great with no sleep aids. The big one NO acid reflux! My joints are not as stiff and painful as they had been. In general I feel so much better!! And have more stamina !! My skin is better and no dark circles any more. ​

​ I Would recommend Christi Buck to other’s with IBS, any autoimmune disease, or eczema. It is amazing to see the affect our food has on our bodies.”

Christi Buck
Christi Buck, RDN, LD, CLT
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Certified LEAP Therapist


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