After many months (years!) of digestive issues that were not corrected by other holistic means, I was delighted to land upon Christi Buck, the Gut Guru in Vero Beach. She was very knowledgeable, optimistic and professional about what she could do, did do, and continues to do for me as I navigate this complicated journey. It's not easy, it's not quick. But I have confidence in the long run that it is the best solution to my very multi-problematic situation. And she has the patience, experience, and devotion to the long term battle to see me prevail and ultimately conquer the problem. It's been a very informative process--she carefully explains, describes, and shares her insight and knowledge so that you gain in nutritional advice and motivation to stick with the program. The lab tests were informative, the protocol practical and doable, and slowly but steadily the results are coming in. If you are at your wit's end, if other methods have not worked for you, I highly encourage you to give it a try. After all, what is more important than your health? It affects your well being, your longevity, your quality of life. Invest in yourself...what is worth more, what is more important?