Vero Beach, FL
"I was dealing with several different medical problems over the past couple of years. The constant dizziness, brain fog, migraines, nausea, fatigue and GI issues were making it hard just to function and get through each day. I was on several medications, but overall my health was not improving. My primary dr had suggested trying the mrt leap diet and that’s when I met Christi and things began to turn around. Christi is very knowledgeable and doesn’t sugar coat things. Being an extremely picky eater, she said the leap program would be hard, but well worth it and boy was she right! After just a few weeks on the program, I started to feel better! My cholesterol and blood pressure both returned to normal. I was no longer nauseous all of the time and my GI issues had greatly improved! The brain fog and dizziness had diminished and I was no longer tired all of the time. After a couple of months my migraines disappeared as well as my Gerd. I was able to get off all of my medications and most importantly was feeling good! Another amazing and unexpected result was that I was able to get pregnant after several years of trying!! So not only did the program help me get me health back, but also start a family. Christi is always professional and compassionate and always responds quickly to my emails with any questions or concerns that I have. She really cares and keeps checking in to make sure all is going well."