My husband and I are in a life journey together and now we are in a health journey together. After 30 years together, we’ve been through a lot. For much of that time, it felt like we were at war with food. We ate what we thought was ‘healthy’ and inevitably felt awful afterward. Headaches, joint pain, stomach discomfort - were all in a normal day - for each of us. We didn’t know what to do. Doctors? … not so much … the only diagnosis was that we were overweight. So we tried dieting with varying degrees of success, but still the symptoms persisted. Along the way I heard about ‘gut health’ and something about it rang true for me. I told my husband about it and we decided to see what we could find out. He found Christi Buck. After some initial testing, a plan was put into place; we persevered, succeeded and learned. We did not get a temporary fix, we got a change in life. We learned about our gut and about food and what should be avoided and what should be consumed. It was a world we had never delved into before but, undeniably, we started to feel good. No more knee pain going up the stairs, no more stomach problems - all replaced with eating good, whole, healthy foods and as an added bonus we each lost about 30 pounds without even trying. The protocol Christi put into place was systemic changes and the use of ‘real food’ supplements to aid in the gut repair. Bad bacteria out, good bacteria in! Then we started a weight loss program with her that helped each of us lose an additional 20 pounds. It’s hard for us to recall how badly we felt in the past. Christi offered knowledge, coaching, support, answers and a recipe or two! We are both converts to a healthy lifestyle and that is all credited to Christi Buck. Our future is looking bright and healthy. Elizabeth- Vero Beach, FL.