Vero Beach, FL
"I did Christi’s food sensitivity testing and diet program because I was having issues with diverticulitis. After I did the blood test for foods that produce inflammation, I followed her instructions avoiding foods that my body was intolerant too and eating a wide variety of foods that my body didn’t react to. After every appointment with her, I started feeling better. My stomach made fewer noises and I had less discomfort and I had more energy. I also lost some weight, not rapidly but moderately. Three months after I started the program, I lost just over 10 pounds and feel so much better. I am keeping with my diet, which is easy to do and is not strict. I can eat almost any kind of meat, which I appreciate as a meat lover. I have some restrictions with vegetables, but I am glad to know what I can and cannot eat so that I feel good almost all the time. Thank you, Christi Buck, for your wonderful help, I keep in mind what you taught me to watch and monitor what I eat."