I recently got a new diagnosis of Chrohns disease and needed help. There was so much conflicting information on how to eat from all different sources and none of it was the same. I know that diet surely had a large role to play but filtering through the info was daunting and my GI doctor admitted he didn’t know how to tell me how to eat. I found Christi through my dietician at work who wasn’t sure how to give me what I was asking for. I wasn’t sure at first what to expect and was she like everyone else, but Christi sent me a video of what she can provide and I knew I needed to see her ASAP. I was familiar with some basics of Chrohns diet like reducing fiber but that’s all I knew and even then what does that mean!? I joined an app for IBD sufferers and it seemed everyone could tolerate something different and all totally conflicting from each other. Everyone has so much advice but what do I need?? I met with Christi the very next week and got started. Christi gave me the actual playbook to my body and what it wanted through LEAP testing. Immediately my fears and doubt went away when she provided me with my results and got a playbook for my actual body. Christi was accessible, directive, supportive, and so knowledgeable about how to step by step plan my healing process I had no doubt she could help me. No more ambiguity and false advice. She helped me plan meals, where to find products, how to read labels, and cross referenced questions I had. I felt better just meeting with her imagine how much better my body could feel when it actually healed. I had no idea all my joint pains were connected to my improper diet I can say those have all about gone away. Instantly too. I’m sleeping better, headaches and brain fog have disappeared, and I don’t have gut pain or bloating anymore. My gut is healing and as my body normalizes I am grateful every day for the tailored plan I have. Anxiety of not knowing is a barrier for IBD sufferers and Christi took all that away from me. I enjoy eating the foods that are planned out for me because they are what my body is telling me it wants. No more elimination diets! The guesswork is gone one could spend a lifetime eliminating and re doing a diet for myself. There is nothing not to like about this program. You meet with someone who is so knowledgeable about your condition and has a plan how you are going to fix it. You get a playbook that’s customized to your body and help with recipes and where to shop for the products. It’s systematic and directive and Christi is approachable, present, and so knowledgeable it’s a no brainer. She provides you with easy to follow directions and the healing is instant. I thought I knew a lot about diet and nutrition but Christi far surpassed my knowledge and I’ve learned more from her than any other resource I've ever studied. The supplements are tailored too no more guessing which one to take. My life is transformed forever and I feel so good about my choice to use Christi. She has changed my life and my health for the better. Forever grateful and indebted I found her. Do NOT wait your future self will thank you!